the players will start in a large city called Watersfell, in the kingdom of Balmurr

Watersfell is a small town of around 1,500-2,000 people with a bustling economy, and is a small trade center on the mouth of a river. The town is so named because it is less than a mile downstream of a waterfall (canals have been dug to allow for passage around the falls).

It is probable that the players will all be in Watersfell because of some sort of economic reason, be it looking for armor/weapons/implements, taking advantage of hapless shoppers/shops, mercantile practices, or really anything else; though Watersfell is small, it offers any number of activities for any number of patrons.

Watersfell is split up into 4 quadrants: Nothrer, Southa, Easteh, and Westron (as they are called by the locals). Each quadrant represents a different level of wealth:
The Norther is the most wealthy section of town because of the fact that all of the docks and markets are located near the river to the north.
The Easteh is the least segregated as all of the inns, hospitals, and government buildings are located there (very few townspeople reside in Easteh)
The Westron is home to the middle class, and as such is the most populated area in the town, the Westron represents almost half of the population of Watersfell
The Southa is the home of all the poorest of Watersfell, the graveyard, and all the worst criminals

a map of the town can be found here



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